Training and assessment


Our Major Emergency Management (MEM) team can develop
workforce competency in emergency response and crisis management.
Training and assessment is designed to effectively prepare personnel to
take control whatever emergency situation may arise.

We deliver our training from purpose built MEM simulators in Europe, Asia
Pacific and the Americas. State-of-the-art IT and audiovisual functions
allow our simulators to replicate emergency situations ranging from a
simple false alarm to a full-scale abandonment.

Our process simulation technology can be customised to accurately
replicate a client asset. This allows for site-specific training and
assessment to take place off-site. Our simulators can also be used to
replicate COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards regulations) sites.

Highly experienced instructors deliver our MEM training. All of our MEM
team have extensive experience in emergency response management,
acquired in the oil and gas industry or emergency services. Our course instructors are supported by associate specialists many of whom have
occupied Offshore Installation Manager or Control Room Operator roles.

We are extremely proud of the quality and reputation of our MEM training.
Petrofac Training Services was the first training provider in the world
to successfully obtain approval for the new OPITO Major Emergency
Management Initial Response (MEMIR) standard.

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