Response services


In 2006, Petrofac Training Services launched the first ever Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC) in Aberdeen.

Serving multiple North Sea operators, the ERSC provides immediate and
effective response support in emergency situations. In the last five years,
our dedicated ERSC team has responded to over 700 calls for assistance.
More than 25 of these calls have resulted in live mobilisations of the
Incident Management team.

Our purpose-designed facility is in a constant state of readiness. Manned
by a dedicated team and equipped with robust IT and telecommunications
equipment, the ERSC can deliver 24/7 response support to clients
operating assets worldwide.

We continue to invest in the ERSC to ensure it is maintained as a world class centre. Recent improvements include:

  • An enhanced IT and Internet platform
  • Better communications routing resilience
  • A superior secondary emergency response facility at our Aberdeen headquarters

For many North Sea and international installations, the ERSC is the first
point of contact in a crisis. We offer our support to a variety of assets,
ranging from manned and unmanned installations and drilling rigs to
hydrocarbon carrying vessels and pipelines.

A continual cycle of training and emergency exercises is arranged by the
ERSC to ensure that clients are prepared for every eventuality. All such
activities are tailored to the specific needs of each operator.