Consultancy and services


Our team of Crisis Management (CM) specialists collaborates closely with
the client management team – and very often at board level too – to
uncover where our input is required.

The scope of work we’re asked to tackle varies enormously; from the
establishment of a full crisis management capability (including facilities)
to audit and specialist advice on areas like business continuity, fire
fighting, leadership, HR and oil pollution planning.

Whatever the objective, we will develop the appropriate plans and
emergency response management system needed to protect personnel –
and limit the wider repercussions – should the worst happen.

Our CM consultants can:

  • Assess current emergency response arrangements
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Establish and deliver business continuity programme
  • Design new emergency response plans
  • Develop a management of change programme
  • Implement new arrangements
  • Deliver drills and exercises to test the robustness of new plans
  • Assess the competence of personnel following implementation

Clients may ask us to deliver several or all of the above services,
according to their specific needs and situation. In reality, a continuous
cycle of activity is required to maintain preparedness among personnel.

Petrofac Training Services can also develop plans and procedures for use
by in-house emergency response and crisis management teams.

Throughout this process, we aim to integrate fully with the client team,
often becoming part of the project team and working out of the client
premises. Adopting such a close-up perspective gives us an invaluable
insight into the client’s requirements.

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