Competent Response

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Second chances are rare in emergency situations. So we help you to get things right first time. Competent Response is our cutting edge response solution, which provides assurance of your capabilities – today and tomorrow.

In a large organisation working in a high-risk industry, keeping track of personnel and capability is a complex matter.

To help you stay on top of this task more easily than ever, we’ve developed Competent Response. Our response management tool delivers real time information about individual responders and response teams via an easy-to-read software interface.

It’s not enough to know who and where your people are. You must also be sure of their experience and their competence in the relevant emergency response skills. You can access all of this information at a glance using Competent Response.

To help you prepare fully for dealing with the unexpected, our solution also encompasses strategy and support. Competent Response experts can work with you to devise plans and deliver training. We can also supply additional specialists or teams.

An end-to-end solution

It’s not enough to have emergency response plans in place. You must also know that your organisation has what it takes to see them through. Competent Response brings together a range of services that can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Ensure your responders are competent

Competent Response experts can work with you to devise a management system that encompasses all emergency plans. Together we’ll put in place a competence and development process that meets operational and regulatory requirements.

We can then deliver the training and assessment to develop workforce competence in dealing with incidents. Our expert instructors can train your people at one of our global learning facilities, on your premises or at almost any other location.

Check for gaps in response arrangements

You can use the Competent Response dashboard to see instantly who’s on hand to respond should an incident occur. View competent individuals and teams by facility, location or region.

Supplement your workforce

Personnel changes can affect your response capability. An incident can place your organisation, employees and contractors under significant strain for a considerable period of time. Or you may simply not have as many specialists as you need on staff.

When resource gaps appear, Competent Response offers you real time access to replacement teams and specialist knowledge, plus our 24/7 Emergency Response Support Centre. Let us help you to achieve an effective, immediate and sustainable response.

Prove adequacy of response plans

Competent Response can also provide reassurance from a legal and governance perspective. It demonstrates competence and supplies an audit trail at a time when your decision-making and actions are likely to come under intense scrutiny.

Critical information at a glance