Competence development strategy

development strategy

A vast array of knowledge, expertise and intellectual property is available to the Petrofac Training Services team. We draw upon this extensive body of resources to deliver a tailored strategy to enhance competence across your business. Maintaining our partnership approach ensures total transparency as we develop the strategy.

Creating a competence development strategy for your business may involve any or all of the following resources.

Training at an individual level

  • Training plans/matrices: detailed information about the training topic and content, training recipients and frequency of training, plus training already completed
  • Design training interventions: actions designed to improve the progress of learners at risk of not fulfilling their potential
  • Curriculum training programme design (TPD): a training programme designed for specific individual subjects
  • Client-specific course design: course materials and curricula tailored to meet your specific academic, operational and HSSE requirements
  • Strategic options and choices: select from worldwide training locations, media and curricula to enhance the operational effectiveness of the learner
  • Competence standards: the selection or development of competence standards that best meet your business requirements and operational objectives
  • Assessment and verification processes: the creation of a system that meets the highest standards of quality assurance and upholds international standard requirements

The wider business

  • Competency management system (CMS) design: the creation of a full and comprehensive design to close all gaps within current CMS policies and processes
  • Training management system (TMS) design: the creation of a full TMS to support all competency frameworks and management systems
  • Investment appraisal including cost-benefit analysis (CAPEX/OPEX): to objectively evaluate the potential profits of an investment proposal
  • Business plan: to outline the way forward, identify and allocate resources, and highlight potential opportunities and difficulties
  • Operational readiness: we help to ensure that you have the right people in the right place at the right time, working with the right equipment and technologies, in accordance with your policies, procedures and protocols
  • Project planning: the process of quantifying the amount of time and size of budget allocated to a project. The resulting project plan is used to track project team progress

The bigger picture

  • Accreditation and awarding body status: we can identify relevant internatioal standards and accreditations to ensure that the training delivered meets recognised competencey qualifications
  • Emergency response and crisis management (ERCM) consultancy: services to help you identify risks, determine appropriate response strategies, and prepare plans and personnel to deal with emergency and crisis situations
  • Recruitment strategy: details of the recruitment processes, targets to hire, and approach needed to attract the best talent