Performance Management

performance management

To free up resources in-house, clients may entrust the performance management remit to our team. Petrofac Training Services can deliver all administrative functions related to assuring and managing a competent workforce. Where performance can be improved, we will organise relevant training for personnel – and third party suppliers – at one of a range of facilities.

Our full performance management service encompasses the following functions:

  • Learning evaluation: to determine the level of skills and knowledge transmitted during training
  • Document control: the monitoring of all documentation, specifications and processes in order to ensure that personnel follow the correct and current procedures
  • Recording and reporting: the collection and communication of all information relevant to the project or client requirements
  • Competent Management System (CMS) and Training Management Services (TMS): professional and cost-effective training management solutions delivered by Petrofac Training Services. Using CMS and TMS, we co-ordinate and administer a client’s entire training requirement
  • Benchmarking: the comparison of processes and performance against the best in the industry. Particular attention is paid to quality, time and cost. Benchmarking reveals what makes a business successful and provides targets to emulate
  • Risk measurement: to assess the probability and potential impact of any given risk
  • Analytical and statistical performance analysis: to reveal drivers and barriers to performance success. These may be used to shape the best system for the achievement of defined business goals