Competence compliance

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To accurately assess compliance across all of a client’s assets, Petrofac Training Services employs a wide range of tools. Our competence compliance toolkit comprises the following audit and measurement techniques.

Quality management system and procedures

We instigate an efficient and cost-effective system to enable our client to work towards reducing – and, eventually, removing – specifications, standards and expectations that fail to conform to business goals.

Quarterly performance reviews

Performance is reviewed quarterly against predetermined key performance indicators.

HSSE, EMS and TQM procedures

We develop, implement and assess:

  • health, safety, security and environment procedures, to reduce risk to personnel and surroundings
  • environmental management systems, to minimise the impact of operational activities on the environment
  • total quality management procedures, to ensure compliance with international quality standards

Nationalisation compliance

We oversee the work of our client’s national staff, dedicated to ensuring compliance with regional and national laws where necessary.

Assurance audits

Quality assurance audits are conducted regularly to verify full compliance with international HSSE, EMS and TQM standards.

Verification services

We verify assessment and quality assurance compliance to international standards, as required by international accreditation and certification authorities.