1 February 2017

Petrofac sets the standard for Emergency Response and Crisis Management in the Offshore Renewables Sector

Safety of the workforce, contractors and the general public is of primary concern to the renewable energy industry. That was the sentiment at the first International Renewable Energy Health and Safety Conference in Edinburgh.

Neil Fraser, our Emergency Response and Crisis Management Consultancy Manager was a member of the panel for the Offshore Renewable Energy Emergency Forum (OREEF) session where he spoke to a room of sixty industry representatives about Senior Management Support to an Offshore Incident. He participated in the session that was intended to share the progress-to-date of implementing the Integrated Offshore Emergency Response Renewables (IOER-R) document; published in April 2016.

Neil said “The prevention of incidents is of course the objective; but, the reality is that incidents do occur and when they do its crucial to have competent responders in place to mitigate injury to people, property and the environment. It’s as important in the Renewables sector as it is in Oil and Gas.” He went on to say “This conference was an important step in bringing experts from across the industry together to share information and learning. By collaborating with others in this industry we have the opportunity to help set the standard for emergency response and crisis management in the offshore renewables sector.”

Rhys Jones, Head of Technical Affairs for Renewable UK said “The OREEF session was very well received and has generated significant positive interest. The comments received so far indicate that it was exactly the sort of transparent sharing of information and lessons that the industry and our regulators wish to see; Petrofac’s contribution was integral to that.”