17 March 2015

Petrofac Training Services is set to present to delegates from all over the world at a leading oil spill conference next week.

Interspill Amsterdam 2015, held every three years, takes place on 24-26 March, attracting delegates, visitors and exhibitors from more than 70 countries. Andy Lang, Environmental Response Manager at Petrofac Training, will highlight ‘challenges to delivering an effective multi-agency response’, drawing upon Petrofac Training’s experiences internationally and his learnings as a member of the environmental response services team, based in Aberdeen. Petrofac Training will also be exhibiting at the event.

Andy, who has 20 years’ industry experience, specialising in oil spill response, presented at the last Interspill event. He said: “This is a key event for Petrofac Training and so I am delighted that I have been asked to speak once again. Our team has grown considerably over recent years, highlighting the importance of oil spill response preparedness and the topic at hand.

“I will be drawing upon actual incidents and exercises we have coordinated in the past, sharing key learnings related to the challenges and obstacles involved with oil spills involving many different stakeholders.

“We are exceptionally proud of the breadth and depth of our training expertise and so I look forward to generating some worthwhile and engaging conversations.”

Last year saw Petrofac Training become the first company in the UK to achieve course accreditation from the International Spill Accreditation Association (ISAA) – a world authority, which works to raise response standards of inland and offshore spills - for its Inland Oil Spill Response training course. The course provides spill responders and environmental officers with essential training to effectively tackle onshore spills and minimise the potential for environmental incidents.