3 June 2015

The UK’s premier university, specialising in emergency management, chose Petrofac Training Services (PTS) to provide its students with an insight into the oil and gas industry.

PTS’ Crisis Management department hosted the group of 26 students from Coventry University who are currently studying various courses of relevance to PTS, including the MSc Emergency Planning and Management and MSc in Oil and Gas Management. They enjoyed a tour of the Altens survival centre pool ahead of their Major Emergency Management (MEM) awareness course, as well as a visit to the Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC) and a table top exercise on how to effectively evacuate an offshore installation.

Tom Wilcock, Crisis Management Team Lead for PTS and a Coventry University graduate, was on hand for the visit. He said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to engage with students, enhancing their learning in areas of emergency response and crisis management, which they can apply to any industry or scenario. It’s vitally important for students who are the future of this discipline to not only learn but train from an early stage, taking practical experience into their professional career.”

Bridget Pitchers, who is studying the MSc Emergency Planning and Management, found the visit to be “extremely beneficial”. She said: “It has definitely broadened my understanding of my course theory and how to apply it practically. It’s also great to begin making business connections whilst at university and my eyes have been opened to training courses I may want to enrol on to further my career.”

Wayne Harrop, Team Member at the Centre of Disaster Management and Hazards Research at Coventry University, added: “This is what I hope is the start of a long term strategic partnership with Petrofac Training Services. The students came away from this experience engaged, excited and with a new found understanding of emergency response and crisis management.

“We want our students to develop into well rounded, employable young professionals, and by affiliating with a respected training provider they have the opportunity to appraise what they’re leaning in the classroom.”