New “Introduction to Oil & Gas” eLearning Course Unveiled

3 April 2013

Fresh on the heels of its recent acquisition of eLearning specialist Oilennium Ltd, Petrofac Training Services (PTS) has launched “Introduction to Oil & Gas,” a new eLearning course. Developed by Oilennium, the course offers an engaging, interactive overview of the oil and gas industry that can be used to enhance a trainee’s in-class training experience, and be made available to thousands of employees around the world.

The Introduction to Oil & Gas course, which can be accessed any time online, offers a concise summary of how the industry works, from exploration and production upstream to processing and transmission downstream. This user-friendly course, which features full voiceover guidance and colourful 3D animations technology throughout, is completely interactive. When a module is successfully completed, a certificate is issued to reward the user’s efforts, fuelling the learning process. Upon completing the 12-module course, the user will have a good understanding of how hydrocarbon fields are found and developed, industry terminology, and technical know-how.

At a time when unemployment is rising and major businesses are closing, the oil and gas industry continues to buck the trend. Not only is it thriving, the industry is actively recruiting and searching for ways to effectively train new employees, while simultaneously reducing training costs. According to Oilennium, this is where eLearning courses like “Introduction to Oil & Gas” come in.

“For years, operators and services companies have been struggling to offer standardised, quality training that complements the traditional classroom approach by reinforcing key points long after the trainee leaves the classroom,” said Kevin Keable, Managing Director of Oilennium. “Not only is ‘Introduction to Oil & Gas’ cost-effective, it’s the perfect starting point for employees new to the industry. It’s an excellent method of training non-technical staff so that they can work more effectively with their engineering and technical counterparts. On the flip side, it’s useful for technical staff. Even today, a drilling engineer may have little understanding of how a process system operates and vice-versa. This course is ideal for anyone who needs to understand the industry as a whole,” he added.

The accessibility offered by eLearning addresses another common challenge faced by training managers in the oil and gas industry: how to train technical staff working on rotation or offshore. Traditional classroom training demands that they be physically present. Because eLearning courses can be accessed from any device with internet access, this is no longer the case, saving thousands in employee expenses.

Already, “Introduction to Oil & Gas” has been purchased by oil and gas companies of all sizes, individuals and many others. Why is it so popular? Oilennium began developing these courses, just as 3D animation technology improved dramatically. This made it possible to offer much more visual content, making them more attractive and compelling. The result: improved knowledge transfer and better knowledge retention. If Oilennium were to use only 2D animations, the courses could become slow and expensive to develop. However, by using its unique blend of techniques, Oilennium has kept costs down while maintaining high quality.

Charlie Mattocks, who recently landed a highly sought after apprenticeship in the UK with a major oil and gas operator following completion of the course, feels that taking it helped boost his prospects, especially during the interview. “I found the course easy to follow and liked being able to work at my own pace. The ‘Rigs and Installations,’ ‘Drilling’ and ‘Offshore’ modules were especially useful,” said Mattocks. “During my interview, I produced the certificates to show I had completed the course, in addition to my A levels and GCSEs. I believe they demonstrated my commitment, initiative, and willingness to learn, which helped me stand out from the other candidates,” he added.

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